Friday, January 11, 2008

new nauvari


JULIE said...

HI Friend,
I have been going pillar to post everywhere on google trying to find how to wear a nauvari style sari. My daughter 13 years old is doing a dance and needs to wear this style. I have read most of the notes on google about how to wear it--but in real life when I try it on, it does not look like the photos you have here. The sari pulls up on both legs when it is passed between the legs--whereas in your photos it looks nice and touching the feet. Can you tell me a step by step direction how to do it the nice way--as you have depicted in these photos. I am from orissa. Thanks much--need an answer in the next two days as my daughter's show is coming up. Please reply at

madhura said...

please anybody can tell me how to wear kashta saree?

Poonam said...

Kashta saree is wore in three different ways 1) Marathmoli Saree
2) Peshvai Saree
3) Lavani Saree
Out of these three Peshvai Saree or Brahmani Saree is very popular.
Now a days ready to wear saree is available which is convenient to wear just like a skirt.